Sunday, November 22, 2009

Part 6

So far we have 1.picked a market 2. researched the market 3. selected a product 4. Created a postcard 5. Established a call center 6. Started our corparation now we need to go to the 7th step and get our product ready to ship.

If you are doing a digital delivered product I recommend putting your ebooks on a disc and shipping that through a dvd case with graphic sleeve a good place to check out dvd cases is of course, this is not the only places that makes cd's and dvd's but you can always go to google and type in cd or dvd cases.

If you are doing a hard product such as a book or a panthlet go to they have good deals on books and you can always compare rates by typing in google get books made or book printing.

Another thing that you can always do is create a website and offer a digital delivered instant download product at or these are to of the largest on the internet but keep in mind if you are doing a reseller product these may already be on clickbank but we are offering them on another medium which is direct mail. Plus hard products can be a hassle to return over digital products which can lower your return rate dramatically.

Now that you know how you want to deliver your product it is time to figure our pricing some of the best price points the you can use are 97.00 77.00 47.00 these can help you get some pretty good results because of the inclusion of the number 7. of course you can price your product much higher but you better deliver on good content if you are going to do charge 147.00 and up.

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