Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Part 4

Just to recap what we have done so far we have picked the market and picked a product and the way we are going to deliver this product to our consumers. Now we need to create a postcard, this is going to probably be one of the easiest parts of this whole process is creating the process so what I want to you do is just go to google and type in "create a postcard" without the quotes.

Just click on any of the links about making a postcard I like visa print as one of the best most affordable options that I have found they have a long list of different types of postcards that you can make,

WARNING: make sure that you have the correct sizes for you postcard because I ordered a few postcards and they did not match up to the correct sizes that I wanted It came out smaller then what I had planned so just make sure you contact someone while you are creating your post card. There is another website called that has a someone who can help you with your postcard over the phone.

I wouldn't spend alot of time on thinking of a postcard I would just do something that is not glossy or flashy like most of your junk mail that you receive.

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