Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Part 3

We have all of the demographics that we need now lets go into the actual product that we want to select for this business. (take notes) There are different paths you can take for this you can 1. create your own product 2. buy private label rights/ master resale rights 3. Hire a ghostwriter to write out the product for you. lets cover each one in detail and then you can make your choice and we will move on from here.

1.Create your own product, now of course this is attractive to alot of people who want to make the most amount and like the thrill of thinking of their own product but this is most likely the most expensive but can still be effective if you don't mind either recording the instructions on audio or you don't mind writing alot of content for a book or making a video instructed dvd disk series that teaches people how to do whatever it is you want to teach them.

My advice is to people who choose this route is to look at your competitors and don't copy them just emulate your product around the general market if this is your first mail order product, make sure you are giving a unique twist to the whole campaign so it will be an interesting guide or even digital product.

2. Buy private label rights. This is probably the most ideal path for the beginner with private label rights you can take something that is already sold well or has been sold on another medium and actually put it in a whole different format that is not used on the market.

For example if i'm selling a hard book on how to make kids recipes then one of the first things I could do is go to google and type in private label right recipes. You will see a list of articles that have private label rights if you did type this in google and you can use those to make a video cooking dvd set.

Just buy a camera and start recording and put this on an HD quality dvd set and package this into a program.

3.Hire a ghostwriter.You can hire a ghost writer on a website called elance.com they have all kinds of freelancers that will do alot of the work for you for a price of course just give them all of the content you want to be written and then have them either re-write any content that you have or actually make brand new content. There is another great website that you can find someone to write content for your product idea and that is guru.com

This is an excellent resource that you can use that has several different type of professionals that can handle any job that you want done.

Now I want you to pick which route you are going to go out of the top 3 ways to get your content made or reproduced, of course this is not the only way for you to make your content but to start off pick one of the top 3.

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